Have you ever felt that in order to fulfil the dream of the good life, you need to escape the business and day to day rat race of the bustling metropolis.
Dorian Amos – a painter from Cornwall and his wife decided that they were in need of adventure. Having searched their world atlas they decided to sell up and move to Canada in search of a new and better life.
Having bought Pricey the car, Boris Lock their faithful dog, a canoe and their fishing equipment they set off into the Yukon Wilderness to find a place they could call home.
After months of camping alone in the great outdoors where they encountered bears and madmen, they eventually arrived at Dawson City, home to one of the great gold rushes of the 20th century. It was here that they found a run down log cabin in the mountains nearby and began a new and fascinating life. A life they had always known they wanted.

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